To Mask or Not to Mask…

Off aspec topic for a moment. The great common day debate of masking up has taken precedence and I wanted to express my stance, or rather my personal struggle, in a fun way.

To mask, or not to mask: that is the question:
Whether it is worth global safety of humanity
The reports and protests of confusing science,
Or to do what I want regardless consequence,
And by removing my mask? To relax; to breathe;
No more; and by taking off my mask I end
The shock and trauma of a year marked with anxiety
That spores will spread, it is a pandemic
Devoutly wishing. Normality, to live without fear;
To socialize: perchance to hangout: oh, there’s a thought;
For being in public without a mask, returning to a familiar
When I have quarantined with social distancing,
We must respect: it was necessary
That created mass trauma and fear;
For I complied and masked up for so long,
The vaccinated are exempt now, no need to mask up,
The desire to be mask free, but I have to wait,
The mask expectations change, everywhere I go
That test my sanity with ethics and choice,
When I feel the vote is mine
With no mask? Who would be affected,
To feel bound to wear a mask for the safety of others,
But the idea I infected another inadvertently,
The mental stress of doing the wrong thing
No returning from mistakes I would be making
And I need to feel confident without a mask
Than why should I doubt not wearing a mask?
Thus knowledge makes me mask up;
And emotions of guilt plague my mind
Is overwhelming at the idea of not wearing my mask
And controls me to put a mask on
With questioning why I should not mask up,
And cave to protecting those unvaccinated. – Deep breath in!
The mask! My enemy for over a year
Be still important for a little while longer.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act II, Scene I, thank you for the parody inspiration.

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